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Library and Facilities

BLUECREST COLLEGE provides state-of-art infrastructure to students and staff for an excellent campus experience.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

In this digital age, we truly understand the importance of being connected. We provide a fully Wi-Fi campus to our students supported by a dedicated broadband Internet connectivity. This is available without any extra cost to the students.


Free Storage Space on Google with Personalised E-Mail address

All our students are assigned free E-Mail address within college domain ( with free cloud storage space and access to Google Class Rooms.


Google Classrooms

BlueCrest College provides access to Google Docs and Classrooms for all its students. Teaching aids and other reference materials are always available online in the Google Classrooms.


Clubs and Professional Associations Memberships

Professional memberships are available to  all our students for ITAG (Information Technology Association of Ghana) and IEEE. BlueCrest College is an approved Student's Branch for ITAG and IEEE which enables its students to access host of resources for their professional development.

In-house clubs, such as Read to Lead Club offers memberships to students, who are interested in improving and participating in multiple student focused activities.


Audio-Visual Air Conditioned Lecture  Rooms

Ultra modern air conditioned spacious lecture rooms with projector makes learning a memorable experience at BlueCrest.



A theatre style auditorium with  168 seats provide students with an collaborative space for guest lectures and in-house events.


Radio Station and News Desk

Students of Department of Mass Communication and Journalism are provided with an excellent opportunity to learn practical skills on managing a News Desk, TV Production and Radio Presentation.


Computer Laboratory

Two computer labs with high configuration systems are available for all students to enhance their ICT skills. 


University Incubation Centre

BlueCrest believes in promoting entrepreneurship skills of its students. College is having the first private university incubation centre, BlueHub, for training its students with the much needed startup skill sets, fully funded by the College.



BLUECREST COLLEGE Library provides information materials, resources and services to support the teaching, learning and research activities of all members of the institutions. We assure you of our maximum support to make your studies and stay at College great. Two libraries (Academic and Administrative Blocks) along with Discussion Halls are available for students and staffs.

The library’s collection includes printed and electronic books, DVDs, CDs, periodicals, and online databases and journals. Online databases provide access to articles and other reference materials, much of which is full-text. The library also provides computers with Internet access for its primary patrons to be able to avail themselves of the world of electronic information. Interlibrary loan service which borrows materials from other libraries on behalf of patrons is also available to the academic community.

Books are organized according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Designated areas are set aside for the circulating, reference, and rare collections. Periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title, and current editions are on display shelves.

Library and Facilities

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Sujith Jayaprakash


Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash has over a decade of administrative and academic experience in the education sectors in India, Africa and Latin America with significant experience in Senior Management roles, Student Recruitment, leading institutional academic delivery improvement and education quality development.

He is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Computer Science and specialized in Data mining algorithms. He started his Career as a Lecturer and moved towards administration. Since 2010, he has been handling various administrative roles such as Head of the Department, Sr. Manager and Registrar in the education sector and having a vast experience in managing the education business in Sub-Saharan African countries. 

He is a Certified Microsoft Web Application Developer and a Certified Microsoft Trainer. His passion towards technology has helped him in handling multiple IT based portfolios such as IT Infrastructure Manager, Digital Marketing Expert along with administration. He has published nine research papers in National and International research journals and conferences.

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