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IBM and BlueCrest College (BCC), Ghana entered into a MoU for IBM MEA University Program


27th May 2015, Accra, Ghana

IBM and BlueCrest College Ghana entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in May this year on their IBM MEA University Program. IBM is looking to train and certify faculty members and students in Africa and Middle East in the areas of the latest emerging technologies to better align university curricula with the IT Industry needs and trends as there has been a skills shortage in this area.

The challenges universities face today as they strive to realize their educational mission are to keep their curricula up-to-date with the fast development of information technology and to graduate students with the skills required by the changing needs of the IT Industry. The overarching intent is for IBM to work in collaboration with BCC for advancing the higher education system, in line with Ghana’s objectives and strategies.

To achieve this, BCC can leverage IBM’s “MEA University” program. The IBM “MEA University", is a new Academic Professional Technical Certification Program for universities in the areas of the latest emerging technologies. The aim of the initiative is to better align university curricula with the IT Industry needs and trends.

The program covers several Certification Tracks that prepare the students to fill-in job positions that are currently required in the IT industry such as Business Analytics, Information Management System & Big Data, Integrated Security, Mobile Devices Management, Cloud Computing, etc…

The IBM “MEA University" helps students prepare for a career in the IT industry, build local capability according to international standards in new areas and provide an environment for continuous technical update.

The implementation of the IBM “MEA University" requires a coordinated effort between the Parties involving infrastructure, planning and management.

IBM will train BCC faculty members and enable them to train students who are seeking to acquire IT skills that are much in demand in the job market while keeping an academic approach of teaching.  During the training that Universities offer to their students, students are provided with 24/7 free access to an "Educational Cloud Environment", provided by IBM on the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) Infrastructure, where they can find all the tracks SW tools, Learning Material, Tutorial, and other relevant material to get hands-on on the latest technologies for each certification track.

Students will have access also to an "Educational Portal" hosted by IBM where they can find course content, assessment quizzes, and certification tests. All IBM services outlined above will be provided free of charge. 

Published by:

Office of The Registrar

24th June 2015, Ghana

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